CHI and DRS Cumulus

Members of this research project will present paper at both CHI and DRS Cumulus these coming weeks. It is exciting that our studies have led to papers that hopefully reflect some of our work so far, even though it still feels as if we are in the early phases on our research. We are getting almost overwhelmed with the potential richness of the field that we are studying–design practice is distinct but elusive, universal but particular, common but unique. It is fascinating to see how our attempt of framing design practice and particularly its relation to theory, methods and tools, faces a number of contradictions and dilemmas. This complexity can of course be seen as a research problem but I think it is instead possible to see it as something extraordinary that has to be approached carefully, with an open mind, and with a sensibility towards its richness, complexity, and inherent contradictions. You can find the papers that will be presented at these conferences on the publication page.