Dissemination of our work

In the last 2 years, results from our studies were published and presented in a variety of venues, including,

  • CHI 2015 and CHI 2014: The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing
  • Critical Alternatives 2015: 5th Decennial Aarhus Conference
  • Persuasive Technology 2015: 5th Conference on Persuasive Technology
  • The Value of Design Research 2015: 11th European Academy of Design Conference
  • LearnxDesign 2015: The 3rd International Conference on Design Pedagogy Research
  • NordicCHI 2014: The Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
  • DIS 2014: ACM Conference on Design of Interactive Systems
  • DRS 2014: The Design Research Society Conference