Software as Persuasive Visual Argument

By examining application software as a type of rhetorical artifact, it is possible to highlight its social, ethical and moral implications. In this paper, we explore one possibility for such a lens: application software functioning as a visual enthymeme. To explore the applicability of that concept in HCI, we analyze one web application as a first step. In our analysis, we observe that interaction and usability are two features that support an application in functioning as a visual enthymeme. Also, online sharing could help the user take the role of the arguer. Our analysis allows us to outline the elements of a user-centric persuasive experience and shows promise for further explorations regarding the applicability of rhetoric in HCI.


Sosa-Tzec, O., Stolterman, E., & Siegel, M.A. (2015). Gaza Everywhere: exploring the applicability of a rhetorical lens in HCI. In Proc. of Critical Alternatives 2015, the 5th Decennial Aarhus Conference. Denmark: ACM.