Storytelling in HCI and UX

As designers, we tell stories as we engage in the design process. But how does one story differ from another? Are there storytelling types used during different parts of the process? What form and function do these stories take? In this paper we explore the nature of storytelling in the context of design and how it plays different roles throughout the process: (1) during research to explain user stories; (2) during ideation to expand the design space and explore problems; (3) as a prototyping tool; and so on. We also will describe inappropriate uses of storytelling in the design process; for example, telling pristine and unreal stories rather than keeping the story roughly right.


Hunsucker, A.J., & Siegel, M.A. (2015). Once Upon a Time: Storytelling in the Design Process. In Proc. LearnxDesign 2015, The 3d International Conference for Design Education Researchers. USA: DRS//Cumulus//Design-Ed.